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Light On Yin Yoga: How to Teach the Quiet Practice

This module is ideal for yoga and fitness instructors who want to learn how to effectively & compassionately teach Yin Yoga. This comprehensive course will go over:

  • A history of Yin as a yoga practice.
  • A discussion of the Yin approach & philosophy.
  • How Yin complements & balances any active lifestyle.
  • Physical, mental, and emotional awareness necessary to lead an effective Yin practice.
  • An in-depth breakdown of classic Yin poses & prop variations.
  • Approaches to sequence a Yin class.
  • And if time allows - An overview of Meridian Theory in Chinese Medicine, how it relates to overall health and wellbeing, and how Yin Yoga can help clear these channels.

This special offering is ready to plug and play into any Yoga Teacher Training, or it can be presented as a stand-alone CE workshop for teachers.

For inquiries & more details, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to reach Maui.
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Partner Yoga Workshop with Abby & Maui

Partner yoga is the playful art of using another person to deepen and stabilize unique & traditional yoga postures. It’s designed to enhance any relationship by cultivating trust, kind communication, and playfulness. You’ll learn to breathe as one, move in unison, and break down poses you can only do with a partner.

Try something memorable this Valentine’s weekend and discover a new element to your practice — collaboration!

Perfect for couples, yoga buddies, or other willing pairings. No experience necessary!

Please sign up in advance via Bonfire Yoga.

$60 per couple.

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Power Yoga with Abby

A vigorous, powerful, and flowy practice!

Check studio website for full class description and prices.

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Yin/Restorative Yoga with Maui

Time to slow down, rest, and rejuvenate.

Check studio website for full class description and prices.