Yin Yoga Seasonal Workshop - Winter

This is a seasonal workshop part of a year-long series:

In Winter, we celebrate the most naturally still season of the year. It’s traditionally a time to retreat both into our “caves” and into our-Selves. Maui will guide you through a gentle & nourishing Yin practice designed to harmonize the Kidney & Urinary Bladder energy channels in the body. When these are in harmony, we feel vital and ready to take on the challenges of life. When out of balance, we lack energy, fears can become crippling, and we tend to have low-back issues. Yin yoga poses will help open tissues along the entire back of the body, inner legs, & along the front of the torso where we can access these channels best. We will also turn our gaze inward to tap into that innate wellspring of deep, intuitive wisdom that lies within every being. Breathwork, guided meditation, and other techniques will support the practice. Open to all!

Held at Bonfire Yoga, Beaverton, OR. No previous experience necessary.

*No need to have attended previous workshops in this series.

Space is limited! Please sign up in advance online or directly at the studio.

Bonfire Hot Yoga
3665 Southwest Hall Boulevard, Beaverton, OR